Include Red Meat in a Healthy Diet

A Red Meat Lover’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Red meat is a risky choice if you are concerned about its cholesterol content. It is best to not avoid red meat altogether. Red meat is rich in essential nutrients that you should include in your diet. Many people would be unable to afford them. These nutrients include iron, vitamin B12, and zinc.

You may feel fatigued and less able to perform during exercise if you don’t eat enough of these nutrients.

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Some of the Best Red Meat Sources you should Include in your Eating Plan

Steak with Grass-Fed

You should choose grass-fed steak when choosing your steak. There is a big difference in the fat profile between grass-fed steaks and grain-fed steaks. Grain-fed steak has more saturated fat and less omega-3 fatty acid, while grass-fed steak has the opposite.

Although you’ll pay more for grass-fed steaks, it’s well worth the extra cash.

Bison Meat

Bison is a great source of protein as well as a lean red meat. Bison comes from the wild and is naturally grass-fed, so you can feel great about eating any variety.

Ground bison can be purchased to make bison burgers or to cook any recipes with bison meat.

Pork Tenderloin

If you’re tired of eating grass-fed steaks and don’t have bison available in your area, pork tenderloin can be another option. Pork tenderloin has a lower fat content than pork chops, but it is still a great source of protein.

These will be a great source of protein that you’ll enjoy cooking on the grill.


Last but not the least, consider venison. Venison, another wild game meat is available. You don’t have to choose grass-fed over grains fed. Venison is very lean and can dry out, so make sure to use some olive oil when cooking.

The North American Bison may be the healthiest red meat

The North American Bison is very lean compared to other animal meats such as chicken and turkey. It also contains a high level of vitamin B12, which is a vital nutrient.

Bison meat has many health benefits

  • High levels of protein and amino acid
  • A great source of blood-building iron and B12
  • All kinds of B vitamins are included in this recipe
  • Source for minerals like magnesium, copper, zinc
  • High levels of the mineral selenium
  • It is not known to cause allergic reactions
  • E-coli is not a problem for pasture-raised bison
  • Excellent Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio
  • CLA-beneficial fatty acids are a great source
  • It is lower in cholesterol than chicken, beef, or pork
  • It has a lower fat percentage than grain-fed beef, pork and most fish.
  • Lower in calories than those derived from grain-fed beef, chicken, or pork

The North American Bison is a great Vitamin B12 Food

Vitamin B12 is vital for your neurological health and the formation of red blood cells. Cobalamin is another name for vitamin B12 and it’s a very important vitamin.

Anemia can be a sign that you lack vitamin B12, and it will impact how your DNA is able to reproduce.

Deficient in vitamin B12 can cause permanent brain damage and central nervous system dysfunction. You can only eat animal products that contain vitamin B12, so you should eliminate all animal foods.

A vital vitamin b12 food is meat. Canadian bison is one of the most nutritious meat sources for vitamin b12.

How to properly cook bison

This meat is dark in color and tastes sweeter than grass-fed beef.

Grass-fed beef, bison meat and pork are less fat than grain-fed beef.

Because these meats lack the marbling found in beef cuts like grain-fed beef, they need to be cooked for a shorter time and at lower temperatures.

You should aim for medium to rare meats or you’ll end up with dry, lackluster meat.

A crockpot with liquid can be a good option for keeping moisture in bison, provided you don’t overcook it and pay attention to the cooking time.

Bison are independent animals that can be left to graze on their own. They are often free from the hormones and drugs that factory animals receive.

After almost being extinct, the North American Bison have made a strong comeback and we can all feel the incredible strength these animals once gave native tribes.

These are four excellent sources of lean proteins that you should be including in your diet. These four great sources of lean protein will help you feel your best, improve your health, and increase your energy.

Type 2 diabetes can be difficult to manage, but it is something you don’t have to live with. Simple changes can be made to your daily life that will help you lose weight and improve your blood sugar levels. Keep going, it will get easier the more you do it.

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