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Best Protein Shakes

Nowadays we hear about so called protein shakes quite frequently. Before looking into their aspects connected with the body loss itself, let’s find out what they are exactly. It’s necessary to understand in a full sense of this word why most diets refer to the importance of their use while slimming.

protein shakes
protein shakes

So popular both with women and men longing to grow thinner, what are they, protein shakes for weight loss?

Such shakes are protein additives coming in a powdered form. They contain basic nutrients necessary for the body rebuilding after exhausting trainings. As for the right consumption, they are to be mixed with some liquids such as milk or water. In case of milk chosen, the taste of your drink will remind the taste of ordinary milkshake. Of course, some fruit can be added into a portion of shake to get the taste of a favorite fruit smoothie. As to the supplements proper, they can be of different types as well: soy, dairy or egg proteins are used for producing best protein shakes.

How do they work to get best results?

It’s widely known that protein is an essential substance for muscle mass building. This muscles mass is necessary in case of weight loss too. That’s why most nutritionists and specialists in dietology recommend following some kind of a diet rich in proteins. The best way to follow such high proteins diet is to choose one in the form of special protein shakes.

Numerous studies and scientific investigations have already proved that the use of these shakes helps to lose approximately from 4 up to 6 pounds monthly. Of course, such a diet will prove efficient only in case one sticks to a diet low in calories and restricts oneself in colas and other fizzy drinks. Alongside with the diet an exercise program should be carried out.

It is highly recommended that a person consume protein in the quantity equal to 1 gram for every 1 pound of one’s weight. Let’s take an example to make it clearer. For instance, a person weighs about 120 pounds, he has to eat up about 120 grams of protein daily. Regardless of the required protein amount, a day’s portion is to be divided into 6 and eaten, consequently, with 6 meals. Just imagine! To eat 6 times if you strive for slimming! It’s practically impossible! Much more use and by far less calories are got by means of protein shakes consumption.

Widely known by their usage by bodybuilders, protein shakes can be as well consumed by women dreaming of the weight loss. As protein shakes for women consist of soy protein they help not only sportsmen but as well women, especially if they want to get rid of cellulite. Nowadays there is a great number of women enjoying their fat loss process exactly with such protein shakes.

How to consume protein shakes for considerable slimming?

It is not desirable to replace some meal with a special protein shake. There is exact time of the day when all the dieticians recommend to have them – surely, it is morning. Another good time for having protein is after a workout. As after it your muscles need repairing and rebuilding.

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