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Why You Should Need To Shooting 4K Videos?

Artemivs’k Don’t believe the hype!

There is a lot of marketing hype to use the latest technology and upgrade to the next best thing, but do we really need it? Not always. In a way, 4K videos (Ultra High Definition) has always been a sales pitch (after all big tech need to stay relevant and keep a healthy profit), and it may give you the feeling that HD is completely dead. But actually, that’s not the case. For example, HD has been around for nearly 20 years now and Channel Seven (Australian TV Station) only recently went to HD transmission from SD (Standard  Definition).

Actually, the major television companies out there will probably not go to 4K for at least another 5-10 years.  To put it another way using a car analogy. 4K is a Ferrari, HD is a BMW and  SD is Mazda.   Do you really need a Ferrari to drive around town when a BMW will be more than enough? The Mazda is still good and reliable but it’s getting a bit old now and it’s time to move on.

Any advertisement for 4K will highlight how sharp and vividly clear the picture is and 4K certainly has that feature. But the main point here is that those benefits won’t really show up on a computer or TV screen let alone a mobile phone (where the most video is now consumed). You will only really notice the difference between HD and 4K on a large cinema screen. The truth is, High Definition (HD) is still very good and anything less than that you’ll start feeling something is not quite right when watching, it’s just not as sharp and clear as you’re used to.

Is picture quality really that important for selling your message?

Some people will tell you it’s not and it’s the concept or story that really matters. And of course, you can’t really argue with that. But here we assume that that’s already worked out and the question is; is it worth spending more of your precious marketing dollars on higher image quality?  Well, consider this: People are emotional creatures and our visual perspective impacts how we feel.

The Psychological and emotional impact of a high-quality video production image will elicit more satisfying and appealing feelings than a lesser image. It projects quality,  professionalism, trustworthiness and an on-trend brand.

Now, you don’t need 4K to get this psychological impact, in fact  a high-quality HD camera is better than a low quality 4K camera. That is because image quality depends on much more than the size of the image.   For example, a deep color space will really show a more satisfying image compared to just sharpness alone. In addition, equipment such as camera lenses, camera stabilisers and video file compression impact the image quality.

Why does 4K cost more?

Why does a Ferrari cost more? It’s visually appealing, very high tech and powerful. It costs a lot to maintain and service. There is also the niche supply chain, specialised staff and equipment needed as well. Similarly its the same with 4K, for example:

  • File size: The size of video files doubles (if not more) which doubles the demand for hard drive space
  • Back up storage: Larger file size means doubling of back up space needed.
  • More expensive computer equipment is needed to handle the larger file sizes.
  • Longer processing time of footage and final output.
  • More often you have to convert the 4K to HD anyway which also takes time.
  • In different stages throughout the post-production process it causes bottlenecks.

So 4K videos cost doesn’t just cost more because of the camera, there’s a lot more involved.

 Is there a better solution?

And with this cost you can ask your video production Sydney provider how that budget can be spent somewhere else. Maybe you can get an extra video produced instead and get two videos in HD for the price of one in 4K videos.

For sure, 4K is always going to be a nice feature of your video but remember when planning your next video production, you can make your video budget go further with HD.

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