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What is the Best Clothing Material for Your Custom Sports Uniform?

Clothing is a crucial part of how we present ourselves in society. It’s what sets us apart from others, thus, custom clothing is always in demand. The demand for custom custom sports uniforms online in athletics has surged.

But customizing your sports jersey is never easy. You have to consider several factors before getting the perfect jersey. The material used for your custom sports uniforms is vital, and it’s not just about what’s more durable and cheaper. Several factors can affect the outcome.

In this blog, we’ll help you find the best material for a sports jersey. As well as information about buy best custom sports uniforms online.

Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic fiber became the best alternative to overheating materials like plastic and rubber. The best part of synthetic material is that you can use it to make knees or armbands.

The key function of this material is to keep the athlete cool during an intense game. It absorbs the sweat with ease and makes the cooling process pretty simple.

The only drawback of synthetic fiber is that it’s made using chemicals leaving behind non-renewable byproducts.

Bamboo Fiber

The fiber is made out of bamboo pulp which contains anti-static properties. Bamboo fiber is an excellent soft material that is extremely light.

The moisture-wicking quality gives it an odorless property. Apart from this, you also get complete protection from the UV rays.

Manufacturers prefer bamboo fabric over cotton since it’s breathable and highly stretchable.


Initially, nylon came into commercial use as women’s stockings but eventually became the first choice of athleisure wear companies. All the tracksuits, wind runners, and gym wear are made up of nylon fiber.

Properties of nylon are that it’s stretchy, rapid-dry, and comes with mildew resistance. It’ll keep your skin safe as the fiber wicks the sweat.


Microfiber is a fabric made with tiny thread-like fibers with super fine threads. This fabric is a blend of polyester and polyamide.

Although the fiber has several positives, the blending process makes it expensive. Thus, tracksuits, towels, or gym wears made with this fiber are slightly on the expensive side.


Spandex is the most widely used fiber in activewear and sportswear. The reason behind its popularity is the stretchable property of the material.

It can easily absorb sweat and can dry off rapidly. Thus, it provides great qualities at a low price. But you can’t use embroidery on this material as it’s difficult to stitch. 


The most popular name in the clothing world is cotton. But it was earlier neglected by sportswear manufacturers as it can’t absorb sweat. However, cotton is back in the sportswear market as it can easily fight off the odor.

There are still better options available in the market which provide better quality than cotton.

Which is the best material?

The choices you have can make the process overwhelming since it’s not easy to select the best material that serves every purpose. Therefore it’s better to select a material that best fits your needs and requirements.

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