About this Resource

Bank Information Center (BIC) and freedominfo.org are proud to present the IFI Transparency Resource-an extensive information tool on transparency at the International Financial Institutions (IFIs). This Resource has been developed to support the Global Transparency Initiative which is an informal network of civil society organizations focused on opening the IFIs and promoting higher standards in global governance.
IFI Transparency Resource Reports

Indicator Definitions and Recommended Transparency Standards

Comparative Analysis and Introduction to the IFI Transparency Resource

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Global Transparency Initiative (GTI)

This Resource systematically documents access to information at ten IFIs, including the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, in an effort to identify best practice, develop a comprehensive vision for much needed transparency reforms, and help interested organizations and individuals access relevant information. The data in the Resource deconstructs IFI operations into thirteen broad categories (governing bodies, policies and strategies, the lending cycle, etc.) which in turn are further broken down into almost 250 indicators of transparency. Comparing ten IFIs across 250 transparency indicators has produced the most comprehensive baseline analysis of access to information at the IFIs ever assembled.

The IFI Transparency Resource not only contains comprehensive data on the transparency of IFI operations and projects, but also provides users with a library of related resources, including: IFI disclosure policies, civil society reports, useful websites, and more.