Ecommerce development

Why should a Company Consider eCommerce?

It was the early 90th when the development of the Internet boosted with startling speed. And e-commerce has become an important element of the economic process of the Internet sphere. Before eCommerce was invented, websites were mainly built to present companies or other publishing activities. Electronic commerce is regarded as the first major move towards direct communication between users through the Internet. After overcoming some technical obstacles, like slow and unstable Internet connection, the economic role of the online marketplace became more and more important. In 20017, sales from e-commerce sites in Canada reached $102.1 billion. According to the recent forecasts, by 2017 the Internet will account for 25% of all retail sales.


If you have not gone online so far, you must have been thinking of it. Rapid eCommerce development has brought about increasing numbers of entrepreneurs launching their businesses into the virtual marketplace. So why should your company consider e-commerce? Well, examine the following issues:

1. Your competitors already operate on the web market
2. Percentage of business being handled through the Internet
3. Cutting down business expenses
4. The chance to ‘own’ clients
5. Great opportunities for new markets exploration
6. Gives scope for experimenting with a brand, product offerings, and pricing

Also, think about how your e-commerce website will influence client perception and recognition of your brand and its value. It strongly supports customer access to the brand and client understanding of the brand proposition. But a mere web presence is not enough anymore and has passed into history. It must be professional and well thought of. To succeed online you have to fully understand client needs and satisfy them so that customers will keep on coming back for more. You need to promote your e-commerce business, provide rich information on products and services, offer great client service, give decision support tools. Keep your eCommerce site updated and fully client-oriented. You need to work hard for good online reputation and visibility to build a successful e-commerce business.

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