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What Is Known To Be a Golf Handicap?

If you are someone who is completely new to the game of golf, then you may have often come across a term called handicap. But, as a beginner, you may be lacking a clear idea about this term which is quite natural. We have designed this comprehensive guide on golf handicap Australia for beginners like you. Here, we will try to give you a detailed idea about this. So, let’s begin with this discussion without wasting any time.

About A Golf Handicap

Before we start talking, it is first important things to know that it is not essential to have a handicap for playing golf. With that in mind, let’s get started by defining a golf handicap.

A golf handicap is known to be a numerical measure that one can focus on utilizing for leveling the playing field whenever players of different capabilities compete against one another mainly on the golf course. Although it may look a bit complex, there will be mainly two things for you that you should focus on. It includes your handicap as well as your score.

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Golf handicap Australia is typically utilized as a measure of how ‘good’ a particular player is. Players who tend to have a high handicap will be allowed a greater number of additional strokes, especially over the course par. On the other hand, those players possessing a ‘low’ handicap are likely to take fewer extra strokes to specifically get around the course.

What Is The Average Handicap Score For Females And Males In Australia?

The maximum GA or Golf Australia Handicap is 54.0 under the World Handicap System for both women and men. As per the GA, the average for female golfers is 26.73 whereas the average for males is 16.93.

Do You Require A Handicap?

As already mentioned above, a handicap is not necessarily required for playing a golf round. The most crucial thing is to play golf as well as enjoy this amazing game. But a handicap can be called an outstanding means to keep a track of your skill level and performance. Not only that, but with its help, you would be able to compete socially. So, a handicap is needed, in case you are interested in joining official competitions.

How Can You Get A Handicap?

If you are a golf player and looking forward to getting a handicap, then you would be able to obtain this through their local golf course or club. Or else, you can get it through an authorized virtual handicap provider. Once you have made the application, golfers tend to provide scores for three 18-hole rounds. After that, the calculation of these scores is done and finally, you will be offered a golfing handicap.

One of the important things to note in this aspect is that the handicaps of the players will vary over time, based on performance.

Final Verdict

We hope, after reading this comprehensive guide, you have got a good understanding of the golf sports.

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