flat weave wool rug

Faux Fur and Genuine Flat Weave Wool Rug

Faux sheep’s wool has the same feel and appearance as real sheep’s wool. It feels warm, soft and comfortable, its wool-like texture looks realistic, and it may have suede-effect backing, but a faux sheep’s wool rug is more affordable than one made from genuine sheep’s wool.

Faux versus Sheep’s wool

Transitional area rug tend to be far less expensive than those in other stores. Because of their low price Ikea rugs are often thought to be made from synthetic materials but their labels show that they are genuine.

Animal activists are opposed to the idea of animal skins being used for rugs avoid real Transitional area rug.

Real and faux Transitional area rug are not just used as floor rugs: people often use them in pet beds, throws on couches and ottomans or covers for computer chairs. Faux fur retards fire, is resistant to staining and soiling, and is hypoallergenic and easily washed. Because rugs made from “fake fur” are amazingly resilient, soft and comfortable many people tend to prefer them to genuine Transitional area rug as furnishings for nurseries and bedrooms. These rugs are even used as wall hangings by some creative home decorators.

flat weave wool rug
Transitional area rug

Care of Faux Fur and Sheep’s wool

Manufacturers of faux fur rugs often recommend that they be dry cleaned. Faux fur and real Transitional area rug can also be washed either by hand or machine using a mild soap and warm water. After washing they should be stretched back into their original shape while still damp and then laid flat for drying.  When they are dry, brush and groom gently using a wire brush or a comb.

Dust mites that settle in faux fur should be Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne carefully and gently using a vacuum cleaner and hand tool. Their non-slip backing makes faux fur rugs ideal for lying on bare floors, and they can also be used as accents in a carpeted room.  These rugs are very long-lasting when properly cared for.

Many people wanting the look and feel of sheep’s wool will prefer the durability and softness of a faux sheep’s wool rug. They are popular furnishings and provide a fine decorative accent in almost any room.

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