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Don’t Wait Until New Year Comes Around and Lose Weight Now

I was at my daughter’s Preschool Christmas party a while back (they had bailey, even though I didn’t drink any of it) and it was surprisingly a good time! They had a lady performer dressed up as an elf singing and dancing and telling jokes to the kids. This must be the most rewarding job in the world as you can only get nothing but adoration and laughter from the kids.

Inevitably one of the other parent, let’s call him Jason, started asking what I do for a living, and I told him that I am in the Personal Training Cumming GA business.

Jason’s face lit up and said,

Richmond fitness Personal training? That is great! I have been thinking about losing some weight and getting back in shape for a while. In fact, I have started reading up on some books and researching on the internet for some workout plans.”

Richmond fitness

I love it whenever I hear people talk about the intention of getting fit and healthy! But at the same time I also hate it when they admit that they have been thinking about it and researching and reading up on books for a while. I mean, come on dude, this is your health we are talking about! And you have a young child depending on you to stay fit and healthy so you can be the parent that the child deserves.

Well, at least he is ready to start taking action now that all the reading and researching is done, right?

Then he added this, “But you know how hectic the holiday season gets with all the eating and drinking. I think I will be ready to start once all this madness is over, maybe in Jan.”

Fair enough, who doesn’t get busy during the holiday season, right?

You see, Jason is ALMOST ready to start. But there is just this ONE thing that is coming up. After that ONE thing passes, the timing would be right.

But except there will always be ONE MORE thing.

There are some people who keeps on thinking about it, reading about it, YouTube about it, waiting and waiting until the timing is 100% perfect.

Then there are others that just decides to do it and figure things out as they go.

Who do you think eventually gets into better shape?

Who do you think wonders day after day, year after year about what could have been?

Just take action, don’t wait until the New Years. No more excuses. Download the attached infographics on the 5 steps to maximize your success and start changing your body today in Gyms in Richmond BC.

Happy Holidays!

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