Dare to Stand Out with Striped Indoor Outdoor Rugs

If you are bold enough to think outside the box when it comes to redecorating your home, striped indoor outdoor rugs actually present the ideal solution for many decorating dilemmas. This is because these particular rugs are versatile enough to complement a variety of interior settings. Whether you want to add a soft contrast against the gleaming hardwood flooring, or break the almost stark and cold effect of tile flooring, striped indoor outdoor rugs definitely make good choices.

When one thinks of buying an area rug, the traditional choice would be the rectangular-shaped ones. However, if you want to add more interest and an unexpected touch to your décor, a striped indoor outdoor rug makes a fun alternative. Update, revitalize and enhance the beauty of your living room by creating a focal point or defining a particular area of interest with a striped indoor outdoor rug.

Area Rugs Club offers an extensive array of superior quality striped indoor outdoor rug that you can choose from, showcasing a variety of colors, texture, and themes. Among the popular choices of brands for striped indoor outdoor rugs include the Karastan Collection and the Andy Warhol rugs that come in vibrant colors and intricate designs you can choose from. Area Rugs Club offers maximum satisfaction by offering their loyal clientele only the finest quality area rugs from the best brands available in the market today.

Design Ideas

striped indoor outdoor rug

Striped indoor outdoor rugs can serve a number of wonderful purposes in your home. For instance, a soft pink striped indoor outdoor rug will definitely fit right in to any girl’s bedroom, adding just the right touch of femininity and coziness. If you want to add an understated elegance to your dining room without making it appear too stuffy and stiff, a round-shaped wool rug would definitely be a great choice. Medallion rugs in particular are perfect for the foyer and living room areas with artistic scalloped edging designs that adds a stunning accent to the entrance way. Take a design cue for those plush hotels that expertly use large striped indoor outdoor rugs on lobbies, complementing them with floral arrangements and decorative tables. Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, a striped indoor outdoor rug can easily change with the season, transcend design trends, not to mention durable enough to last several generations.

Color Combination

Like shapes, play an important role in rug choice. Contrasting color combinations such as orange and blue, green and red, violet and yellow definitely make a rug an eye-catching piece. Using related colors can also make a great effect. Among the wonderful combinations are orange and red and green and blue. Keep in mind to blend your rug color with the rest of your existing interior colors for that put-together look.

Care and Maintenance

Area rugs have also been known to be an inexpensive solution to protect your flooring, most especially in areas with high foot traffic. However, a striped indoor outdoor rug can do more than that. You can group a set of furniture together over a striped indoor outdoor rug to give you that perfectly set look and feel to it, creating an interesting display without spending a fortune on new interiors.

Most interior experts recommend to use a rug pad under your striped indoor outdoor rug to keep it in place and promote safety by preventing accidental slips and falls as well protect your rug from the usually wear and tear. Never attempt to use adhesive tapes to anchor your striped indoor outdoor rug in place since this will only damage both your rug and floor surface. Striped indoor outdoor rugs only need regular vacuuming and gentle thumping from time to time to preserve its original beauty and grandeur.

With all these, design tips in mind, enjoy browsing through the vast array of selections that you can choose from. Visit Area Rugs Club today and get that spark of inspiration with their strikingly beautiful catalog of striped indoor outdoor rugs.

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