9 Incredible Pool Plastering Westlake Village Examples

Pool Plastering Westlake Village

The Pool Plastering Westlake Village is in need of extensive repairs and will be in danger of closing in the coming years if the financial needs are not met. In response, the borough has formed a Recreation Committee and its first focus will be the pool.

“We’re actually trying to raise money for re-plastering, re-tiling, and coping of the pool. We kind of have to raise this money within the next five years or the pool’s going to close,” said Wendy Mutter, borough employee and member of the Recreation Committee.

Pool Contractors

On Saturday, Sept. 9, the first Bally Bow Wow Pup Pool Party and Community Yard Sale will be held at the pool to help raise money for the repairs.

Mutter said at least will be needed. The fund-raising efforts have only just begun. She explained how the borough’s general fund has contributed to updating the Pool Plaster Supplies pumps, however the borough can’t afford to put forth the entire amount needed without raises taxes.

“The rec committee was formed to hold fundraisers to raise those funds. And then we’re going to continue on, maybe pave our walking trail, and just improve the recreational parts of the community.”

The committee also works closely with the Bally Lions Club.

Pool Remodeling

According to the borough website, the Bally Community Swimming Pool Plaster Repair was built in the last 1960s as a private swimming club. In 1972, the facility was donated to the borough. In 2017, it was determined that pool income alone could not cover the cost of the growing needs and the committee was formed.

Where to buy pool plaster is our first goal, and it’s a major goal. And soon as we get the funds to get those things, we’ll move on and do other things. We’ll have events for kids and things like that, through our fundraising we’ll be able to do when we don’t need to spend so much money to get the pool rehabbed.”

“Hopefully we’ll be successful. We have a lot of events planned in the future,” said Mutter. “Each year we’re going to expand our events. We’ll get bigger as we learn and grow.”

The yard sale on Sept. 8 will begin at 8 a.m.; the dog swim will begin around noon. The next scheduled fundraiser will be a Beef & Beer on Saturday, Sept. 16, from 7 p.m. to midnight at Goodwill Fire Company. For additional information about these events, contact the borough.

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